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Thursday, March 26, 2020


The whole world is suffering from this pandemic that led people to stay indoors and avoid any contact. Most of the major businesses are closed which is costing billions in revenue.

To make up for some of these losses, the US government will be eying to legalize cannabis post-pandemic to gain millions in profits and that's how Coronavirus can accelerate US cannabis legalization.

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Is Marijuana an ‘Essential’ Like Milk or Bread? Some States Say Yes

Millions are affected by the coronavirus pandemic and it has now spread across the US as well. In these devastating times, people are stocking up on food items, groceries, medical care, and other basic necessities but this is not all. People are also stocking up on Marijuana to help them through this lockdown and some even believe that Marijuana is as essential as Milk or bread. 

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Think marijuana isn't addictive? Former users disagree

According to a recent study, 1 in 10 marijuana users end up with marijuana addiction but many people deny that they have a marijuana addiction. However, medical specialists have recognized marijuana addiction as a serious problem and there are many treatment programs established around the country.

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South Dakota Plans for Marijuana Legalization amid COVID-19

South Dakota is also hit by the coronavirus pandemic but it is not affecting any plans for the legalization of marijuana in the state. Currently, Marijuana is illegal in South Dakota but they have decided to make recreational and medical marijuana legal in the state by the end of 2020. Amid the Covid-19, South Dakota is still focusing on its campaigns to make marijuana legal in the state.

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Coronavirus Won’t Stop New York From Trying to Legalize Marijuana

The pandemic Coronavirus has spread throughout the city and NewYork in now on lockdown. Almost every major business is closed and the country is facing serious financial losses. In these devastating times, there's a chance that Newyork will be eyeing to legalize marijuana to make up for the losses they've suffered in these times.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Edibles may be better than smoking cannabis during the pandemic

Covid-19 has affected almost every country in the world and it's quite deadly. The main symptoms of this deadly virus include pneumonia which can be a real concern for smokers.

Scientist believes that it's better to eat edibles to consume CBD instead of dabbing or vaping as they can be a threat to the immune system. 

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Is cannabis a COVID-19 immune booster?

There's no actual study that says that Cannabis can help ease the Coronavirus symptoms but here are some facts that prove that it can actually help in these times.

1st. CBD is found to be quite effective in boosting immune system of the body so Yes, Cannabis can be a COVID-19 Immune booster.

2nd. CBD contains the most type of Vitamins that your body needs to fight this deadly virus so Yes, Cannabis can be a COVID-19 Immune booster.

Conclusion - There's no actual study or research that indicates that CBD can be a COVID-19 immune booster but there are some facts out there that say otherwise.