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Saturday, June 13, 2020

People with type O blood less likely to get COVID-19

People with type O blood less likely to get COVID-19

If you have type O blood then you’re very less likely to suffer from severe Coronavirus symptoms. A recent report by 23andMe suggests that people with type O blood are slightly less likely to get COVID-19. This research is not peer-reviewed and the study has not been posted in any journal yet but they believe that the study is very accurate. 

The CEO of the company, Anne Wojcicki discussed that they were curious about how the coronavirus affects the patients with different blood groups. During the interview, she revealed that she and a few other companies decided to take a survey and reach out to coronavirus-affected patients. The survey received responses from approx. 750,000 people from across the country. The analysis of the data showed that people with O type blood were between 9-18% less likely to get coronavirus as compared to people with other blood type groups. 

There weren’t any other blood-type difference and the majority of the people suffering from the same symptoms. 23andMe has done quite a lot of research in the past and conducted many different types of surveys regarding the human body and its immune system. 

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